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The current coronavirus pandemic situation has affected nearly every single aspect of our society, creating unprecedented challenges for people, companies and brands all over the world. Each day brings uncertainty and more questions, forcing both citizens and organisations to quickly adapt in an effort to come one step closer to some sort of normalcy. So what can you do facing current and future events for your retail stores?

One of the many areas that is seeing the impact of the COVID-19 outbreak is modern security and loss prevention in the retail industry, as business continuity professionals are working tirelessly to address a myriad of concerns and maintain operations as best as possible. The recent news of an extended lockdown is creating even further problems for these organisations, with little in the way of an exit strategy.

Many retailers are currently seeing their stores become “mothballed” — that is, kept in working order for future use but temporarily closed and unoccupied. This effect of the pandemic immediately generates a cause for concern: security. Mothballed sites still face safety risks such as vandalism, commercial burglary and the potential for fires, but in the current climate, sending guards to perform surveillance checks could be unsafe. Omni-channel LP professionals are facing the added challenge of responding adequately to the increase of people and activity in warehouses and distribution centres and guarantee that operations are run safely.


Remote monitoring is helping to address these concerns. The ability to transfer security efforts from on-site to remote surveillance capabilities is absolutely crucial at this point, enabling security operators to maintain protection from afar. Monitoring multiple stores from a central hub enables retailers to keep an eye on activity, manage key-holding arrangements and check the health status of fire and intrusion alarm systems, providing immediate reassurance and helping to save considerable time and cost.


Stores that didn’t have remote monitoring capabilities implemented prior to the pandemic can still benefit from the technology. Solutions such as ONVU Retail’s comprehensive retail platform can be deployed with legacy video surveillance systems in a quick and simple fashion, allowing retailers to use existing cameras (even analogue ones) and get more out of their current solutions within 48 hours.

Once an organisation is confident in its current surveillance setup, the question then becomes: “Where does retail go from here?” Moving forward after this pandemic will certainly present challenges, but with the right technology in place, retailers can experience success when it comes to revitalising operations and adhering to new regulations that are likely to be in place.


During this unparalleled time, the need for connected and integrated security services has never been greater. ONVU Retail is prepared to support its current and future customers as they recognise this need, as well as when these organisations start to return to some form of business normalcy. The safety and welfare of our customers and staff is our utmost priority at this time, and we have made essential adjustments to achieve this.


If you’d like to learn more about how you can implement remote monitoring now or take advantage of security and technology upgrades for the future, please contact us.