When you find yourself in a position of not having enough team members to deploy to all the areas that they’re needed, we can deliver live alerting on mobile devices that give an instant, live snap-shot of customer levels throughout the store. We are able to dynamically steer staff members around the shop – to address customer needs.

Not only that, through analysis of your footfall and POS data, we are better able to understand your customer traffic, and then allocate staff resource more effectively.

Once you understand what hours were worked, and in which departments, you can plot them against footfall, POS data and demographics, and that will give the you some really meaningful information about the optimum numbers of staff vs. sales.

This can be accomplished both live and retrospectively, and both are equally important for workforce management. This can also help in predicting future workforce needs as well.

This is so important because staffing your store is your biggest cost. As retailers you are in an unenviable position whereby you know that your bricks-and-mortar experience is all about service, but having a surplus of staff stood around all day is unbelievably expensive and is crippling to the business. Balancing staff levels with customer throughput, service levels, queueing times etc. is absolutely crucial and these are all things that our platform can help you with.

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We deliver live alerting on mobile devices that give an instant, live snap-shot of customer levels throughout the store.


Many retailers are asking us if they can use this system to reduce their people costs. The answer is yes, but in our experience we also recommend that retailers use this system to hire more people to provide better customer experiences and thereby to drive more sales. Our view is that staffing shouldn’t always be a negative, and about cost savings. It should be about revenue generation.

We recently went to see a major retailer who told us that they have cut all of their fitting room staff members, as have a number of other stores on the high street. They have saved £6 million per year by doing this, but in the process they may now have ended up with a poor experience for customers in their fitting rooms.

For example, when someone may need another size in a shirt there will be no one there to assist them, which means you don’t convert your sales from your fitting rooms. We understand the need for cost-cutting and it may impact your bottom-line in the short term, but it may start to hit your long term revenues, and it’s might not be worth it in the long run.

We understand these are the very honest conversations and are tough topics but we always believe in transparency and considering the good and the bad of different scenarios. You need the evidence at your fingertips to help you determine when to cut cost and when to inject more people to increase revenue.


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