This is one of the areas where we are strongest in, and we have done a lot of work on this with some major retailers. We have many examples where we have had a beneficial impact on VM. Our system is great at helping you to understand how displays have worked, what works better, comparing one scenario to another etc.

At one retailer they had one employee who was responsible for all of the VM displays. She had to physically travel to every shop to set this up and then travel around again to make sure all the windows displays were consistent and nothing had moved, it was basically a logistical nightmare.

The remote access capabilities of the system allow much of this traveling to be reduced and moving forward, with two way audio it’s possible to be in a central location and instruct staff to change the displays to whatever you need them to be, thus further avoiding unnecessary travel costs. With the visual verification, you can also maintain discipline on how you dress your stores, and also check compliance which is important as staff may move displays and don’t understand the impact that is having.

Mobile Viewing

We are providing VM teams with the tools to access the store, no matter where they are. This is making physical retailers more efficient and more proactive.


At one high street retailer, all the VM team have access to the video. They are the ones really engaged and interested in checking on their displays, ensuring displays have not moved and without having to physically go to the store. They wouldn’t know about this without the video.

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We are providing VM teams with the tools to access the store, no matter where they are, making retailers both more efficient and proactive.


With physical retailers, they often find out after the fact when it’s too late. You have already missed the revenue opportunity at that point.

If we know that VM is a specialised skill and it drives sales then why would you wait until after the fact to keep on top of it. Our tool can help you drive better compliance, which in turn, will equal better sales.

We also think the next logical step is to enable product teams to have access to the system. Product people should be able to log on to the stores and see their products in situ, see how they are displayed and even start to search for who is buying the product.


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