Out of all retail departments, Retail Op’s can truly benefit from the holistic view of the business that ONVU Retail can provide.

The whole operation of a retail store falls under retail ops. Once the doors are opened in the morning until they shut the doors at night, Retail Ops are responsible for everything, sales, staffing, footfall and transaction searching. We can help you with all aspects of this role and aid you in understanding the staffing levels, conversion rate and more.

We understand how important RFID will be in the future for managing operations in the store. By using our occupancy alerts on the camera to know where your customers are, and RFID on staff allowing you to understand where your staff are, the two can be merged to give a comprehensive view of your store.


Customer experience is more important than ever, and as physical stores come up against ever greater competition from the digital space, this importance will only grow. Smart video technology can track customer pathways and journeys. With analytics built-in, this means that these cameras can count customers in a space, or movement in a zone, and automatically alert staff through notifications pushed to their phones. Overcrowding, overlong queues or displaced visual displays can be dealt with in a much more efficient manner.

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Using our occupancy alerts you can know where both your staff and your customers are, giving a comprehensive view of your store.


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