Profiling, demographics, campaign management through POS, customer experience. These are all the life blood of marketing departments and we are doing this on behalf of retailers now. As a marketeer we believe you will find this a most powerful tool, where you can use age/gender demographics to drive displays on point of sale. Where targeted marketing campaigns can then be based on demographics and gender, and where driving consumer behaviour and buying habits through understanding of demographics is all part of your marketing strategy.

When you are thinking about customer experience, consider this real life example. The intelligence gathered from our solution led to a store design change for a major high street retailer, which in turn led to a happier shopping experience, which led to greater sales. All roads lead back to sales and customer experience, and we believe that by providing you with the information and analysis about your store and customers, that you maybe didn’t have access to before, will enable you to make informed decisions to input to your marketing strategy. This is where analytics and Business Intelligence, used effectively, can add value to you and your department.

The retrospective capabilities of the 360-degree camera are not limited to LP but also have an equally powerful benefit for understanding customer behaviour. Once you have that snapshot of the person who bought that specific product, you can then go back and get their whole shopping experience from the 360-degree cameras.

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By providing you with information and analysis about your store and customers, you are able to make informed decisions to input to your marketing strategy, making for a streamlined customer experience.


Marketeers at brick-and-mortar retailers are taking advantage of customer data and putting it to work to help drive in-store traffic. Today’s generation of customers is much more interested in experiences than objects. The power of experience is unstoppable, and it will enable marketeers to differentiate their brand from their competition.

One major retailer had the POS data to record how many ‘Christmas jumpers’ were sold prior to the holiday period but were unable to identify the actual buyer profile. With one click we could provide visual evidence of the demographic behind the purchase. Combine this visual verification with the POS data and marketeers can refine targeted advertising or campaigns and determine the true success of their promotion.

Customer Experience

As a bespoke retail platform, we can provide a level of insight not previously available. It is seamless, easy to access, and will allow you to make more informed choices about how you address your customers.

The data and insights enable you to make informed changes that will impact customer experiences, both live and retrospectively. We have a platform that is bespoke and consultancy driven. We are listening to you, the retailer, and we will build a solution that is specific to your unique environment.

The collaborative support we offer is on-going with reports and dashboards tailored to deliver the right information to the right team members as often and as regularly as they are needed. The reports and dashboards will continue to add value giving a continued ROI after the install. The collaboration between us will continue and our relationship will go from strength to strength as we work together to provide the best possible solution for you and your customers.

Mobile Viewing

We provide access to video covering everything in store, we also have award-winning mobile access to that real-time video.

Effectively, you can manage your workforce so that you can be more efficient by using dashboards that retrospectively analyse data to understand trends. But from a CX position, the ‘in-the-moment’ engagement is really powerful as this is really what customer experience is about.


We have all been in the position when you enter a store and the retail staff either comes across as too keen to get a sale or we just can’t find a staff member when we need help. This is easily remedied with the help of live alerting of customer levels. This enables staff to make informed choices about when and how to engage with customers as well as delivering efficiencies and savings in workforce management. These alerts also drives benefits for loss prevention (to deter theft/shoplifting) and will drive higher sales.


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